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# Copyright (c) 2018-2019 Jeff Maggio, Nathan Dileas, Ryan Hartzell
from ..imports import import_opencv
cv2 = import_opencv()

[docs]class VideoWriter(object): """ a wrapper class for the cv2 Video Writer: This class will take a series of single frame imagery and """ def __init__(self, filename="out_video.avi", fps=30.0, fourcc="XVID"): self.filename = imagepypelines.util.prevent_overwrite(filename) self._fourcc = fourcc self._fourcc_val = cv2.VideoWriter_fourcc(*self._fourcc) self._fps = float(fps) self.__is_initialized = False def __init(self, size): """ opens and initializes the videowriter """"initializing the VideoWriter...") self._h, self._w = size self.video_writer_kwargs = {"filename": self.filename, "fourcc": self._fourcc_val, "fps": self._fps, "frameSize": (self._w, self._h) } self.writer = cv2.VideoWriter(**self.video_writer_kwargs) self.__is_initialized = True
[docs] def write(self, frame): """ writes a frame to the video file. automatically opens a video writer set to the input frame size Args: frame (np.ndarray): input frame to save to file Returns: None """ if not self.__is_initialized: size = imagepypelines.frame_size(frame) self.__init(size) if not self.writer.isOpened():**self.video_writer_kwargs) self.writer.write(frame)
[docs] def release(self): """ closes the video writer Args: None Returns: None """ self.writer.release()