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import os
import glob
import sys
from types import FunctionType, SimpleNamespace
import numpy as np
from functools import partial
from .imports import import_opencv
cv2 = import_opencv()

# ------------------------------ Standard Imagery ------------------------------
[docs]def standard_image_filenames(): """returns a list of standard image filenames on the local machine""" sorted_keys = list_standard_images() filenames = [STANDARD_IMAGES[k] for k in sorted_keys] return filenames
[docs]def standard_image_gen(): """ generator function to yield all standard images sequentially useful for testing """ for img_name in STANDARD_IMAGES.values()(): yield get_standard_image(img_name)
[docs]def standard_images(): """returns a list of all standard image arrays""" return list( standard_image_gen() )
[docs]def get_standard_image(img_name): """ retrieves the numpy array of standard image given a string key Args: img_name (str): name of the standard image to retrieve, must be in list_standard_images() Returns: np.ndarray: image data for the given standard image Raises: ValueError: if invalid img_name is provided Example: >>> import imagepypelines as ip >>> lenna = ip.get_standard_image('lenna') """ if img_name in STANDARD_IMAGES: img = cv2.imread(STANDARD_IMAGES[img_name], cv2.IMREAD_UNCHANGED) if isinstance(img, type(None)): error_msg = "unable to find {name} at {path}".format(name=img_name, path=STANDARD_IMAGES[img_name]) raise FileNotFoundError(error_msg) return img else: raise ValueError("unknown standard image key {img_name}, must be \ one of {std_imgs}".format( img_name=img_name, std_imgs=STANDARD_IMAGES.keys()))
# uses the pkg_resources provider to load in data in the .egg file from . import STANDARD_IMAGE_DIRECTORY # ND 9/7/18 - dynamically populate paths to the standard test images # assumes the only thing in the STANDARD_IMAGE_DIRECTORY are images STANDARD_IMAGE_PATHS = list( glob.glob(os.path.join(STANDARD_IMAGE_DIRECTORY, '*'))) STANDARD_IMAGES = {os.path.basename(impath).split( '.')[0]: impath for impath in STANDARD_IMAGE_PATHS} # ND 9/7/18 - create convenience functions to load each of the standard test # images as attributes of func funcs = SimpleNamespace() for img_name in STANDARD_IMAGES.keys(): # JM: modifies function creation to also include docstrings partial_func = partial(get_standard_image, img_name) # ND changed partial funcs to FunctionType std_img_func = FunctionType( partial_func.func.__code__, globals(), img_name, partial_func.args) std_img_func.__doc__ = "standard image retrieval for {}".format(img_name) globals()[img_name] = std_img_func setattr(funcs, img_name, std_img_func) # JM: deletes last remaining partial function from scope to remove Sphinx warning del partial_func, img_name