Swap Red and Blue Image Channels

import numpy as np
import imagepypelines as ip
# swap red and blue color channels
def swap_red_and_blue(image):
    return np.flip(image, axis=2)

Define our tasks and build the pipeline

tasks = {
        # set an entry point for images into the pipeline
        'images': ip.Input(),
        # swap channels
        'swapped': (swap_red_and_blue, 'images'),
        # Scale the images, cast dtype, and view the image comparisons!
        'safe': (ip.image.DisplaySafe(), 'swapped'),
        'null' : (ip.image.CompareView(pause_for=5000), 'images','safe')

swap = ip.Pipeline(tasks)

Let’s process some data!

Let’s grab some example data from the ImagePypelines standard set

images = [ip.image.panda(), ip.image.gecko(), ip.image.redhat()]
# Number and view the images!
processed = swap.process(images)
Image1, Image2

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